qualified - confidential - secure - no bureaucracy

Welcome to the virtual counseling room of the social counseling office

Are you looking for guidance and answers to social, personal or economic issues and academic challenges?

Do you have questions about e.g.

  • How to cover your cost of living,
  • How to plan your life in general while completing your program,
  • How to handle pregnancy and child care while completing your program, or
  • How to complete your program even if suffering from disability or chronic illness.

What we want:

  • We want to listen to your concerns,
  • We want to provide you with guidance and help you find solutions, and
  • We want to inform you about the support offerings available.

The video counseling session in the virtual counseling room

The virtual counseling room allows you to get in touch with our social counselors during their video counseling sessions and to discuss your concerns by video conference. Every counseling session is administered by a qualified counselor, involves zero bureaucracy, and is confidential, and secure. The security of your data is guaranteed by our specially designed tele-counseling procedure which allows you to access our virtual counseling room after booking your appointment.

How to book an appointment for a social counseling session

To book an appointment for a counseling session in the virtual counseling room, please go to our German website and select an appointment in the calendar. If your request is specific to your university location, we recommend you to make an appointment with your social counselor directly at your university location.