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Lockdown im Fokus

© Lukas Dekkers, #lockdown

The cultural promotion of the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz shows with a video exhibition the perception of the Corona crisis from a student's point of view. In March 2020, students at the universities in Regensburg, Passau, Landshut, Deggendorf, Pfarrkirchen and Straubing, which are supported by the Studentenwerk were called upon to photographically document their view of the Lockdown. They were inspired by the most popular hashtags that went viral during the time of the first Corona wave, including #shutdowngermany, #westayathome or #maskeauf.

Online study, curfews, social distancing, abandoned lecture halls, an empty campus and a closed club scene - student life has changed from the ground up in 2020. But what are all these changes doing to students? The project "Lockdown im Fokus" gives an artistic insight into this new world. 24 students from a wide range of disciplines took part in the project and submitted over 50 photographs. The Studentenwerk’s cultural promotion department has now selected 16 works for the video project and curated them into a digital exhibition. The video is accompanied by a piano composition and a poem – both student works created as part of United we create:

The video impressively documents the emotional world of a generation whose reality of life has completely changed with the crisis. It gives young students a voice and directs attention to their perceptions.