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Choose a rehearsal room where you want to rehearse and reserve your rehearsal time online. Simply click on a time slot.

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You can book a maximum of 2 x 2h rehearsal time per week per semester. One rehearsal unit is 2h. For equal opportunities for all students, the 2nd booking is only possible after a blocking period of 5 days after the start of the room allocation (15.04.2024).

The times you have reserved are stored in the system for 7 days.  Within these times you have to pick up the key/transponder in our info point/service office and pay the fee. After that, the practice room is at your disposal until the end of the semester! The keys/transponders must be returned by the end of the semester at the latest, otherwise a reservation in the following semester is not possible!

Important: After 7 days the online reservation expires automatically and is shown in the system as free time! So make sure to pay in time at the Info Point/Servicebüro Mensacard. 

Payment of the fee and key collection at Servicebüro Mensacard Regensburg:

Openening hours Servicebüro Mensacard at the Mensa Uni Regensburg:
Side entrance, Room U056
Mon. - Thu. 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. 
Albertus Magnus Straße 2
0941 943 3222
please make an appointment in advance by telephone

2 Stunden pro Woche: 25,00 € *
4 Stunden pro Woche: 35,00 € *

*The fee is waived for users of the rooms in the Dr. Gessler Straße residential complex who are also residents of the same residential complex. Please bring proof.

Gessler-Straße - Raum 1602

Rehearsal room in the Dr.-Gessler-Straße building 1 on the 6th floor.
Room size: 12 m²
NO Piano

Gessler-Straße - Raum 1603

Rehearsal room in the Dr.-Gessler-Straße building 1 on the 6th floor.
Equipped with piano
Room size: 25 m²


Located in the Studentenhaus at the University of Regensburg on the mezzanine level near the Teewinkel.
Equipped with piano.
Room size: 72.1 sqm.

Proberaum im Medienstudio

Rehearsal room on the 1st floor of the student house
Equipped with piano
Room size: 32.2 sqm