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The creative think tank for cultural promotion is entering its fourth round! We are looking for creative students from all art disciplines - with and without previous artistic experience. The project starts in December 2023 and runs until March 2024.

The only requirement is that you should be curious and open to getting involved in an artistic experiment/project that is about inspiration, interpretation and heroines* in the broadest sense. The results will be presented to the public at various events in the summer semester 2024.

What are we up to?

The idea of "#United We Create" is: We bring your creative talents together to inspire each other to new ideas and artistic projects. The project is divided into three consecutive creative periods with different artistic styles, for which we need the full artistic potential of the students!

UWC4 Folie 2


What is the theme?

This year, we have decided on the theme of heroines*. In a cross-location open call, we asked students to name their heroine, whether a famous personality or their own personal heroine.

From these suggestions, a jury consisting of the women's representatives of the universities of the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz then selected six female heroes who will now serve as inspiration for this year's edition of #United We Create 4.

We would like to motivate and inspire you to deal with the topic of heroines in various artistic ways. We would like to give you various ideas for this: Literally, the term heroine* means a particularly brave, self-sacrificing woman who stands up for or has stood up for others. The Duden dictionary therefore defines her as a "female person who faces a difficult task with fearlessness and courage or performs an unusual deed that earns her admiration". However, not every brave woman is considered a heroine* and not every heroine* can be described as brave. Heroines* can also be unruly, social, vulnerable, committed and so much more. The topic can therefore be interpreted broadly.

Project schedule?

You can register now for the respective phases. At the beginning of your respective creative phase, you will receive your individual inspiration/HEROINE* from us. Participants in phase 1 will receive a personal HELDIN. Participants in phases 2 and 3 will receive at least one of the works created in the previous phase(s) as inspiration. The selection of who receives which inspiration is made at random by the Studentenwerk's cultural funding programme. Works will also be awarded more than once. The works are passed on anonymously. During the artistic process, each participant works alone on the respective inspiration. At the end of the creative project, there is a virtual final evening where the participants can get to know each other.

UWC4 Folie 1

Phase 1 - Visual Arts

Registration: until 17.12.2023
Creation phase: 20.12.2023 - 21.01.2024
We will send you an individual heroine from the jury selection on 20 December! You are free to draw inspiration for your work from this heroine, including the attached explanation.Those of you who have a passion for photography, videos, painting, comics or graphic design can let your creativity run wild during the first phase. We will collect the results and pass them on anonymously as a source of inspiration to the registered participants from phase 2 "Literature and Text":

Phase 2 - Literature and text

Registration: until 21.01.2024
Creation phase: 24.01. - 25.02.2024
In the second phase, the literate among you will write poems, short stories or even poetry slams. We will collect the texts and pass them on to the registered participants from phase 3 "Music and Sound" as an anonymous source of inspiration:

Phase 3 - Music and sound

Registration: until 25.02.2024
Creation phase: 28.02. - 31.03.2024
The photos, images, short films and graphic novels as well as texts created in the first two phases will in turn inspire the musicians among you to compose, design sound or write new songs in the third and final phase.

How do I deal with the inspiration?

It is important to us that you understand the inspiration sent to you only as an impulse, not as a work assignment. Take the inspiration as a suggestion and combine it with your own perception, criticism, vision, questions, worries, experiences, adventures or whatever moves you on the subject of heroines*! Always remember: the inspiration should not restrict your artistic freedom!

In the end, we will see together where the individual works develop in the course of the process. What can emerge when a community pools its potential? What creative forces are released? What different interpretations are there?

How do I take part?

Register for the phase for which you would like to make a contribution. You can also register for several phases. However, please write in the comments that you have also registered for another phase.

You can register here:

Phase 1 - visual arts | registration possible until 17.12.2022 | project period from 20.12.2023 - 21.01.2024

Phase 2 - Literature and text | registration possible until 21/01/2023 | project period 24.01.2024 - 25.02,2023

Phase 3 - Sound and music | registration possible until 25.02.2023 | Project period 28.02.2023 - 31.03.2024

What happens next?

Firstly, we will send you your inspirations at the beginning of your respective creative phase. Once you have completed your work, please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in good time. The closing date will be stated in the registration email.

Once all the creative phases have been completed, we will exchange ideas at a joint closing event. You will get to know the artists you have inspired or have been inspired by. This will allow our creative network to grow, you can give us feedback and we will present some of the submitted works. In addition, the best submissions will be shown at the end at a vernissage and then in an exhibition. There you can network with the other participants.

Who can take part?

The project is open to all creative students at our locations! You don't have to be a professional to take part in the project; just be open to a new creative challenge. Even if you have not yet gone public with your talent, use this time to try it out!

The project thrives on a creative community! Do you know a video freak who would like to get involved with this idea? Do you have a friend who writes great texts but never publishes them? Share this project with them!

Contact for queries:

Maria Hauner and Bianca Bauer: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Conditions of participation:

Anyone who is enrolled at a university/college supervised by us can take part.