pplying for BAföG is a great way to finance your degree, especially since you only have to pay half of the loan back. The chances of receiving BAföG are also a lot higher than one might think, especially following the increase in the requirements-rate  in 2010.

Is it necessary to apply?

Yes. BAföG services are only granted upon application.

When should I hand in my application?

As early as possible.

Generally speaking, you are eligible for BAfäG starting at the beginning of the month in which you start your education, but you can't receive any benefits retroactively if you apply later than that. 

If you are reapplying, you need to do so at least two months before your previous appropriation period ends or you will not continue to receive benefits between semesters.

Do I need to apply once for my entire degree?

No. You need to reapply every year, as each appropriation period lasts for two semesters.

Where do I apply?

The application needs to be handed in at the responsible BAföG office, which is usually either the student union at your university or the communal BAföG office at your place of residence.

How do I apply?

BAföG services require a written application. If you cannot find the time to fill in the forms due to the initial disorientation that generally accompanies starting a new degree, a simple letter to the "Amt für Ausbildungsförderung" which which makes it clear you hope to receive benefits will suffice, but you should submit your forms and records as soon as possible after that.

Since the Winter semester of 2009/2010 we our students have also had the option of applying for BAföG online under www.bafoeg-bayern.de.

You can print out the application forms here.

You will need a selection of these application forms:

  • Form sheet 1: Application for BAföG and declaration of income, assets and debts;
    • Attachment 1 for form sheet 1: Résumé of educational and professional career (only necessary for first application)
    • Attachment 2 for form sheet 1: Extra form-sheet for childcare-grant (§ 14b BAföG) 
  • Form sheet 2: Enrollment confirmation (alternatively you may hand in an enrollment certification issued by your university)
  • Form sheet 3: Declaration of income of parents or spouse
  • Form sheet 4: Additional information required from students from abroad
  • Form sheet 5: Certification according to  §48 BAföG – confirmation of achievement (required for applications of students in their 5th Semester or higher, issued by the university)
  • Form sheet 6: Application for students studying abroad
  • Form sheet 7: Application for update according to §24 Abs. 3 BAföG (needed if the income of the spouse or one or both parents is significantly lower than it was in the year before-last, before the start of the appropriation period.)
  • Form sheet 8: Application for advance performance according to §36 BAföG (Needed if the parents can not or will not pay the living allowance established in the BAföG-notification, thereby endangering the completion of the applicants education)

All statements need to be verified with documents, particularly the income- and pecuniary circumstances of the applicant, the income of the spouse and/or the parents (proof of earnings certificates, income tax assessments, pension awards, unemployment benefits, bank confirmation of assets etc.).

You will need to produce an enrollment certification and, if you don't live with your parents, evidence of rental charges. You may also need to show proof for health and nursing care insurance payments.