Opening times

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During the semester: Mon - Fri 7.30 am - 5.00 pm
  Sat 8.00 am - 2.00 pm
During the semester break: Mon - Fri 7.30 am - 4.00 pm
  Sat closed
Please note: The Cafeteria Seybothstraße is colsed since Monday, May 10, 2021. Instead, the Cafeteria Maschinenbau will be opened.

Opening times of the Cafeteria Maschinenbau: Mon - Fri | 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Management: Karin Koller
Seats: 124


The chargers in the foyers of the canteens and cafeterias as well as the cash registers in our canteens and cafeterias now accept numerous cashless payment methods, including EC / credit card, PayPal or Google Pay and Apple Pay. Please note: Cash payments will no longer be possible in the future. In the canteens, it is imperative that every guest, in addition to the card of the selected cashless payment method (see above), also places the MensaCard on the reader at the till. The MensaCard determines the price for students, staff or guests. If you don't have the MensaCard with you, the guest price will unfortunately have to be charged.

More information on cashless payments in the STWNO:


Lageplan OTH CT Seybothstraße 2021


This cafeteria has a play area for children!

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