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In the refectories we offer sustainable and regional meat dishes in cooperation with the Upper Palatinate biodiversity project Juradistl. But where does the meat for the dishes actually come from? We looked at the habitat of the cattle and sheep.

On 7 June 2019, we visited two Juradistl farms with Helmut Meier, the head chef at the OTH canteen: The Weiderind farm of Herbert Scheuerer in Beratzhausen and the lamb farm of Herbert Schlupf in Berching.

The following interviews provide information about the Juradistl project and the cooperation with the Studentenwerk:

Josef Sedlmeier, Managing Director of Landschaftspflegeverband Regensburg

Helmut Meier, Head chef OTH canteen (today: Head chef Uni canteen)

Herbert Scheuerer, farmer in Beratzhausen

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Why don't you introduce yourself and tell us about your farm?

I am the Scheuerer Herbert, I was born here in Hadelsdorf. I've been running the farm here since 2011 and I came to Juradistl because I like to work full-time. When we had to stop dairy farming on the farm, we realized that it is not so easy to live without cows. Without the cattle it's not possible! That's why we started the Juradistl project with Mr. Schwarz, also with pasture farming.

How long has the collaboration been going on?

From the beginning, since 2011/12 I have been involved. I'm one of the first, I guess, who took part in the project. Since then it has been going great! We have three hectares of pasture land. In a few years we will switch to organic. Maybe we'll get some more land there. We'll have a total of 80 hectares on the farm, then we'll go organic too.

How many cows do you have on the farm?

The breeds are 31 at the moment, and there are seven inside the barn. Those that are castrated always have to stay in the barn first, so that they don't lick each other.

Herbert Schlupf, shepherd in Berching

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Why not introduce yourself to the students and how you came to Juradistl.

I am the Schlupf Herbert. I've been doing this full-time for 35 years, before that as a hobby. I've been with Juradistl since the beginning, that's how it turned out. I'm pleased about that, too. It's going well too, better than doing it alone.

What does the daily routine of a shepherd look like?

From nine to twelve in the morning they [= the sheep] have to go out, to the water in the shade. And then from four to eight. So they belong out seven hours a day.

Do you walk the same route every day?

No no, I'm on the road in two communities. This is the biggest mountain, I can stay there for a week. Usually you have to change every fourth or fifth day.