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Reusable packaging

Your Studentenwerk would like to set an example for more sustainability on campus: It is important to us to make a contribution to avoiding mountains of rubbish from disposable packaging! As an effective contribution to the reduction of single-use waste and as an incentive for environmental protection, we have decided to use reusable instead of single-use packaging wherever possible!

Since January 2020, we have stopped serving disposable coffee-to-go cups in our cafeterias. Our own reusable returnable cup system not only reduces single-use waste from several hundred coffee cups daily, but also raises the enjoyment of coffee from a high-quality, regionally produced porcelain cup to a completely different taste level!

In December 2020, we will go one step further: Because the to-go operation in the canteen and in selected cafeterias, which has been reinforced by the corona pandemic, causes up to 1,500 disposable packaging for the collection of food every day. It doesn't have to be! After the banishment of disposable paper cups from our cafeterias, the introduction of a reusable to go system in the canteens and cafeterias with food offerings will soon end the "mountains" of waste from disposable packaging.

You can now order your coffee-to-go in our cafeterias in the relevo-Cup without a deposit. Please think about a timely return at the cash registers or return stations! In addition, the deposit on STWNO cups will be reduced from € 3.50 to just € 1.00. But please return your cups, because this is the only way the reusable system can work.