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Everything you need to know about the start

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Do you want to join us on the path to a more sustainable campus? Then download the Relevo app from Google Play or the App Store before you go to the canteen or cafeteria and register yourself in the app! You can only participate in the Mehrweg-to-go system if you are registered in the app, as the reusable tableware has to be scanned in the app!

If you don't want to take part in the reusable system, you have the option of picking up your meals in your own reusable dishes. Put the reusable dishes you brought with you on the trays provided and hand them over to our employees. They will then give you your orders directly in your own reusable tableware.

Important: You can use the Relevo reusable tableware free of charge within 14 days. During these two weeks you will be reminded of the return period several times in the app and by email. After that, Relevo will invoice you for a bowl not returned on time for € 10 and a mug for € 5, because if the dishes are not returned, the dishes are considered bought. This should enable a constant cycle: After all, the containers shouldn't pile up in the office or at home, because then they'll be missing from in the canteen or cafeteria. It is therefore very important that the bowls and cups are actually handed in after the scanning process and are not taken away again. The reusable system cannot work in the long term if the Studentenwerk lacks scanned bowls and cups. Taking away bowls and cups that have been handed in is theft, as they are only on loan and are owned by the Studentenwerk. Please take this to heart when returning the reusable tableware!