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Saved packaging waste

Mehrweg-to-go in the STWNO - an interim result

Since December 1, 2020, we have been serving food in our canteens and cafeterias with food offer exclusively in reusable containers. We have introduced the Mehrweg-to-go system from Relevo in Regensburg, Passau, Landshut, Deggendorf ans Straubing. Other locations in Pfarrkirchen will follow as soon as the infection situation allows the catering facilities to be opened. But how did the start with Relevo go? How many disposable packaging could be saved? We take a look on the numbers.

Reusable packaging systems in the STWNO

When there was no talk of Corona in January 2020, we banned the disposable paper cups from the cafeterias and switched to a reusable solution with porcelain deposit cups. Then came Corona, and with it a strong to-go operation in the canteen linked to hygiene regulations and local requirements. In the Studentenwerks canteens, the exclusive pick-up of food resulted in up to 1,500 single-use packaging a day. The decision was quickly made: it cannot go on like this! And on December 1, 2020, the issue of one-way packaging actually ended.

The reusable packaging system from Relevo in a glance

Once you have dealt with the Relevo system, you will quickly find that it is self-explanatory. So, it's best to just try it out! This is how it works:

  1. Download the Relevo app on your smartphone from Google Play or the App Store and register once as a user.
  2. Order: Load the app and have your meal served in the free Relevo reusable tableware.
  3. Borrowing: QR codes are printed on the dishes. Scan the QR code on the dishes and show your scan confirmation to our employees.
  4. Enjoy: Enjoy your food without deposit and with a clear conscience wherever you want. The dishes are stable and come with a lid and keep your food safe and warm even in cool outside temperatures.
  5. Return: Return the dishes in the canteen or our cafeterias with food offerings to the return stations provided within 14 days and confirm your return by scanning the QR codes provided on the posters.

We summarize the individual steps again in this video:

Environmental protection to-go: the numbers speak for themselves

We are very pleased that the introduction of this new offer for you and us went off without any major difficulties. And if unexpected obstacles do arise on site, simply speak to our employees. Together we will find a quick and uncomplicated solution!

However, the loan numbers show: in addition to using your own reusable container, you often like to use the reusable bowls and cups from Relevo. In doing so, you are making a small but important contribution to a sustainable campus. Thank you for your commitment!

And together you have already saved so much single-use packaging:

Relevo dishes borrowed since December 1, 2020 = saved disposable packaging (numbers without use of your own reusable container); As of February 17, 2022

University location
Number: Relevo dishes borrowed since December 1, 2020
Regensburg (Uni + OTH)
incl. TUM Campus Straubing
Passau 52.991
Landshut 9.975
Deggendorf 6.925
Gesamt 306.594

Keep it up! Even if it sometimes takes a little longer to deliver the food, don't forget: the environment will thank you!