UPDATE: The regulation made due to the restrictions in connection with the coronavirus that student ID cards valid for the winter semester 2019/2020 can also be used as a semester ticket in the summer semester 2020 and students without a student ID can use the valid enrollment certificate (summer semester 2020) in paper form as a semester ticket, ends October 14, 2020.

From October 15, 2020, only student IDs with the imprint for the current semester are valid tickets. In addition, as before, an official photo ID must be carried with you when driving.

Since the summer semester 2013, students can use the public transport of the Verkehrsbetriebsgesellschaft Passau (VBP) free of charge. The student card, now with the VBP logo, in combination with the identity card or passport serve as a bus ticket.

With the semester ticket, buses on the routes of the Verkehrsbetriebsgesellschaft Passau can be used. The ticket is valid daily and for all routes except for the "Oberhausbus". The ticket can also be used during the half-year holidays.

A fee must be paid upon re-registration for each semester. The price of the ticket is only advantageous when everyone participates.

Disabled students who are entitled to free public transportation and who have the disability card and the attached sheet with the sticker can apply to the Studentenwerk Social counseling department for a refund.

Please note that you must also present the identity card or passport in addition to the student card. This is not sufficient. The ticket is not transferable.

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