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In order to apply for a room in a residential complex of the Studentenwerk, the following application prerequisites must be met.

1. General 

The rental of rooms in a residential complex of the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz is an indirect government funding. Considering the total number of students looking for accommodation, only a limited number of rooms can be provided. The following application conditions are intended to ensure the fairest possible distribution of government-funded residential rooms. By submitting an application for admission to a residential complex of the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz, each applicant agrees to the following application conditions.

1.1 Who can apply?

• Only students from the following universities:
    - University of Regensburg
    - University of Passau
    - Regensburg University of Applied Sciences (OTH)
    - Deggendorf Institute of Technology (THD)
    - University of Applied Sciences Landshut (HaW)
    - TUM Campus Straubing
Enrolment at one of the listed universities must be proven by the timely submission of the enrolment certificate.

• Students attending courses at the above-mentioned universities. When selecting a university, select “other university” and upload the enrolment certificate of the other university in the “Upload documents” section.

1.2 Who is not allowed to apply?

- Persons whose tenancy has been terminated by the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz
- Persons subject to an exclusion order by the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz

1.3 How to apply?

The application is submitted online. The online application is available in German and English. If you belong to the group listed in 1.1, please click on online application.
The types of apartments and residential complexes selected by the applicants shall not be prioritised.
Please note that the Studentenwerk offers housing for a limited time period. In the event that such an offer is not accepted within the specified period, the application will expire. However, you have the possibility to submit a new application.

1.4 What are the application deadlines?

You can apply for a room in one of our residential complexes at any time.

1.5 How long is my application active?

To keep your application active, the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz has created a reminder e-mail for you, which you will always receive on the 20th day of the relevant month.
If you are still looking for a housing, you have to confirm the link included in the e-mail within 7 days. After confirmation, you will continue to be listed as an applicant in our records. We will inform you as soon as we have a room for you.
If you do not confirm the link within the specified period, your application will no longer be considered.

1.6 Can I change my existing application?

After a successful confirmation, the application can no longer be changed by the applicant. It can only be changed by our staff of the Student Housing department. To do this, you have to contact the responsible point of contact.

2. Special living situations

In selecting the tenants, we pay particular attention to certain living situations, such as income or disability/chronic disease, etc.
If the number of eligible applications exceeds the number of available rooms, we give preference to low-income students and students with disabilities/chronic disease.
In addition, we evaluate other social criteria with points (e.g. students with children or other siblings without income).
If the number of points is equal, then the date of receipt of the application has priority.
Please indicate special reasons for being admitted to a residential complex on a supplementary sheet.

In selecting the tenants, we reserve the right to select applicants taking into account circumstances of the individual case in order to create and maintain socially stable resident structures and balanced settlement structures as well as balanced economic, social and cultural conditions.

2.1 Disabilities and chronic diseases

If you are disabled or have a chronic disease (significant health impairment), you can apply for preferential admission to our residential complexes. The Studentenwerk offers a variety of suitable rooms (accommodation for students with disabilities). The staff of the Student Housing department will also be happy to advise you personally.
To ensure that your application will be given special consideration, please do not forget to upload the required proofs in the Documents section of the online application. Proofs are, among other things, a medical certificate, disability card, etc.

2.2 Studying with a child

Students with children will be given special consideration.
Again, you must provide the appropriate proofs, e.g. upload your maternity log, birth certificate(s), etc. in the Documents section of the online application.

2.3 Siblings

If you have siblings without their own income (e.g. students, etc.), this will also be taken into account in your application.

3. Duration of residence

In order to give as many students as possible the opportunity to benefit from living in a room of the Studentenwerk, we have limited the rental period to six semesters.
The entitlement to residency only applies as long as you are enrolled in a course of study at one of the universities mentioned in 1.1.
Therefore you are obliged to submit the enrolment certificate each semester before the deadline specified in the rental agreement.