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Apartments for students with handicap

Student in wheelchair sits at laptop in dorm room.
© DSW / Felix Noack

The student union Lower Bavaria/Upper Palatinate offers in several housing complexes suitable available dwellings for students with handicaps or chronic illnesses.

Depending on the handicap there is also the possibility in individual cases to obtain a suitable apartment in one of the other housing complexes. We will search for an individually helpful solution together with you.

Here you can find the current flyer (German or English) on living and studying with a handicap.

Location Regensburg:

Ludwig-Thoma-Straße 15-17
The house has been designed accessible and has 22 wheelchair accessible apartments (2 single full apartments as well as shared apartments for 2 or 3 persons) with sanitary facility and accessible kitchenette.
Unfortunately, there are no parking spaces for cars available.

Plato-Wild-Straße 2-2a
In the house that has been structured like group homes there are two handicapped-friendly shared apartments with seven apartments each (as a total, 14 domiciles). The bathrooms and the kitchens have been designed accessible.
There are parking spaces for cars available.

Location Deggendorf:

Detterstraße 21
In the housing complex of the Detterstraße there are four single full apartments on the ground floor with own kitchenette and own accessible sanitary facility.
Parking spaces for cars are available.

Location Landshut:

Ritter-von-Schoch-Straße 8
In the housing complex there are three wheelchair accessible single full apartments with own kitchenette and an accessible sanitary facility. The housing complex itself is completely accessible.
Parking spaces for cars are available.

Bürgermeister-Zeiler-Straße 8, 10, 12
The buildings that have been newly built in the year 2017 have totally ten handicapped-friendly apartments in shared apartments for 2 persons on the ground floors. Here, 2 tenants at a time share an accessible sanitary facility and a kitchenette.
Parking spaces for cars are available.

Bürgermeister-Zeiler-Straße 14, 16
The housing complex in the Bürgermeister-Zeiler-Straße 14, 16 has two apartments in shared apartment for 2 persons with own accessible sanitary facility and common use of the kitchen together with another inhabitant.
Parking spaces for cars are available.

Location Passau:

Donau-Schwaben-Straße 14-24
In the housing complex, there are two accessible apartments in a shared apartment for 2 persons with a sanitary facility to be used jointly and with a kitchenette.
Due to the nature of the area, the housing complex is only suitable with limitations for persons who have a mobility handicap.

Location Pfarrkirchen:

Alois-Gäßl-Straße 4
For mobility-impaired students, there is a handicapped-friendly living space in the 3-person shared flat on the first floor with a generously sized bathroom and floor-level shower. The living space, the washing lounge and the roof terrace can be reached via an elevator.
Parking spaces for cars are available.