Counseling for international students

Studying can bring along great challenges. The social counselling is a contact point for all students when they have questions concerning the studies, money and family. In a personal conversation, we then search together for a solution for personal, social or economic bottlenecks. We counsel individually, free of charge and anonymously if requested. 

We counsel on these fields

We are competent contact persons on issues regarding the following topics:

  • Financing your studies
  • Studying with a residence permit
  • Doing casual jobs while studying
  • An endangered study, an endangered graduation
  • Studying with an impairment or a chronic decease
  • Studying and pregnancy
  • Studying with child
  • Financial straits

Contact, consultations and booking dates

In a virtual consultation room, students can get in touch with our social consultants independently of their location and discuss their concerns in a video conference. Dates for this can be booked in our online booking calendar.

Further information: