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Health insurance for international students

Recognition of foreign health insurances – health insurance with EHIC or other countries with social security agreement

With some countries, among them the member countries of the European Union and of the European Economic Area, there exist social security agreements: Students who have a statutory health insurance in their home country may have this insurance cover recognized in Germany by a statutory health insurance.

For students, this will in most cases be a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card may be applied for for free at the respective health insurance.

Important: The European Health Insurance Card does not guarantee a free medical treatment. The health systems of the individual countries are different. Thus, it is possible that benefits for which students do not have to pay anything in their country of origin are subject to a charge in other countries.

Recommendation: Students may get detailed information as to the scope of performance and as to meeting the costs at their health insurance in their country of origin.

Furthermore, it has to be observed: Since the end of the year 2017, EU- or EEA-students in Germany who take up a student’s side job or do a paid practical training have to insure themselves by means of a German health insurance.

Private health insurance for students who are not able to insure themselves statutorily

The German student services have concluded a framework contract with the Union Versicherungsdienst (insurance service) for international students who are not able to insure themselves statutorily.

International students (over 30 years old resp. from the 14th semester on), doctoral students*, participants in preparatory language courses for studies, job seekers after completion of a course of study or travelling with family members may choose between two scales of charges:

Important: The scale of charge Vela LIGHT is more cost-effective but offers less insurance protection. This scale of charge includes e.g. no psychotherapeutic treatment.