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The promotion of culture carried out by the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz supports and consults all students that want to become culturally active or that personally create culture.
Cultural offerings and cultural university groups provide diverse opportunities to international students to make new contacts with other students.

Events on the stages of the Studentenwerk at the universities and colleges

No matter if theatre, poetry slam, karaoke or band evenings – on the stages of the Studentenwerk, a lot is going on throughout the entire semester. Cultural events and projects do not only create a balance to studying but they also provide opportunities to get culturally engaged in person and to become active and develop personal projects.

Cultural workshops for students

The promotion of culture carried out by the Studentenwerk offers a large selection of diverse cultural workshops every semester. No matter if photography, audio engineering or music – there is something on offer for everyone’s taste. The workshops are affordable for students.

Cultural groups at the Campus

Students have the possibility to become culturally active in person and to form cultural groups at the campus for projects, events and meetings.