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Roads leading abroad

Studying abroad does not only mean studying in a different place. It is a lot more: plunging into foreign cultures, getting to know new people and returning with a treasure trove of experiences.

An overview over possibilities

Going abroad for one or more semesters in the context of studies in Germany

  • At a foreign partner university: Almost all universities in Germany have partner universities abroad. The advantage is that the recognition of academic achievements obtained abroad is relatively simple. And the International Office of the university supports you with the preparation. Moreover, there are diverse programmes for financial support, for example the Erasmus+ Programme. More information about this can be found at:

  • Organizing your studies on your own initiative ("Free Mover"): If you do not plan your study stay at a partner university, the stay will have to be planned and organized on your own initiative.
    Tip: It is best to start planning your stay one to one and a half years in advance. However, it also is possible for students to receive financial support for a self-organized degree course. More information about this can be found at:

  • In a study course with an integrated stay abroad: In these study courses, you study both at a German as well as a foreign university and, at many of these, you even receive degree from both universities.
    The advantages: The stay abroad is an integral part of the studies. This makes the organisation easier for you and the academic achievements are generally recognized.