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BAföG - support abroad

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Eligibility requirements, section 5 Federal Training Assistance Act, section 16 Federal Training Assistance Act

In principle, students with permanent residence in Germany can receive support for a subject-oriented study visit abroad (internship deviating from this) if they have sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction and the national language and if they are fully enrolled at a training institution that is equivalent to a domestic university.
The studies must last at least 6 months, one semester or two quarters; at least twelve weeks in the case of a cooperation agreement between the participating universities.

Within the European Union and in Switzerland, training at higher technical colleges, academies and universities can be supported from the outset until the foreign qualification is obtained, section 5 paragraph 2 number 3 Federal Training Assistance Act.

Training periods abroad as part of cross-border cooperation between one domestic and one or more foreign training institutions can be supported for the duration of the training period abroad, section 5 paragraph 2 number 2 Federal Training Assistance Act.

Training periods abroad carried out as part of a domestic training outside the EU are eligible for a period of one year, or for a maximum period of two and a half years if there are special reasons for doing so, section 5 paragraph 2 number 1 Federal Training Assistance Act.


A full course of study in the USA is not eligible for support.
In comparison, a full course of study in France may be eligible for support.

Application procedure

Benefits according to the Federal Training Assistance Act are only granted on application. Applications should be submitted at least 6 months before the start of the study period abroad to the responsible Office for Education and Training Assistance so that support can begin on time.

For the promotion of a training abroad, certain promotion offices are responsible as foreign offices. Each of the 17 international offices is responsible for a specific foreign state or several states, regardless of which federal state you come from or at which training institution you have previously completed your training.

Which office is responsible?

You can find out which office decides on the support of your training abroad by clicking at this website.

Amount of support

In addition to the requirement rates for trainees who do not live with their parents, surcharges will be made for training abroad.

The higher funding rates can mean that you can also receive support during your stay abroad, even though you do not receive any support in Germany because of the level of your parents' income.

Submitting an application is worth it!