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Female student helps a male student with his move-in.
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see Barbecue.

Bank Connection
Please be sure to include your personal number in the description (Verwendungszweck) for transfer. You will find the personal number on the first page of the rental agreement. The bank account for transferring money to the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz is this:

Bank: Sparkasse Regensburg
Account holder: Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz
IBAN: DE35 7505 0000 0710 0109 50

In some of the larger residential complexes, there is a central barbecue site. Barbecuing is prohibited at the balcony. Also, the use of party torches on balconies is prohibited without exception.

Blanket, pillow and bed linen
Blankets and pillows are not provided in the individual living places. You have to bring them yourself. Likewise, the bed linen for the blanket and the pillow as well as the bed linen for the mattress must be brought along. International students who have been assigned an accommodation through the International Offices have the option of ordering bedding. A fee of 75 euros will be charged for this service.

In all residential complexes, there are storage facilities (depending on the residential complex, bicycle cellars, cages or covered areas) for bicycles. Bicycles may not be parked in stairwells, hallways or on balconies. For higher-value bicycles, we recommend to get an insurance.

Broadcasting fee
The broadcasting fee has been in place since January 1, 2013. This replaces the previous broadcasting fees  hence the former Gebühreneinzugszentrale (GEZ) was renamed ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice. A flat-rate contribution is charged for every home, so that every household has to pay 18.36 euros a month  regardless of nationality. Tenants who receive social benefits, such as BAföG, can apply to be exempted from the obligation to pay. Here you can find current information on the broadcasting fee from the Contribution Service (external link).

see car parking space.

Car parking space
In some residential complexes, parking spaces can be rented partly outdoors and partly in underground garages. You can find more information about this in the description of our residential complexes.

There is a permanent caretaker for each residential complex. You can find the contact details in the description of the respective residential complex.

Certificate of enrollment
Please provide us with a valid certificate of enrollment each semester. Remember to add the housing complex, as well as the residence and personal number (see page 1 of the rental agreement) when you hand in the certificate of enrollment. The deadline for the summer semester is May 15 and the deadline for winter semester is November 15. 

Certificate of Registration/Landlord's Certificate of Registration
When you move in, you will receive a signed certificate from the caretaker so that you can present it to the local registration office. Please note that according to § 17 of the Federal Registration Act (Bundesmeldegesetz), you are obliged to register at the registration office within the first two weeks after moving in. Foreign tenants will also receive this form for deregistration, provided there was a valid tenancy agreement for a period of at least three months. Further information can be received from the registration authorities at the respective university location.

Criteria for Application
Only students from the following universities can apply to live in a residence of the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz: University of Regensburg, University of Passau, OTH Regensburg, Technical University Deggendorf, University of Applied Sciences Landshut, TUM Campus Straubing. Students have to proof that they are enrolled at one of the universities mentioned above. For this, students have to submit a certificate of enrolment in due time.
When we look through the applications, we give special consideration to certain life situations, such as neediness or disability/chronic illness. We also consider other social criteria with a special system of points of neediness.

Deposit/rental security
At the start of the rental period, the reservation fee already paid will be credited in full against the non-interest-bearing (cf. § 511 No. 3 Sentence 5 BGB) rental security (colloquially known as deposit). The deposit currently amounts to 350,- Euro. After termination of the tenancy, you will receive the rental security back within the statutory periods, provided that no damage was detected when returning the accommodation or other outstanding claims exist.

Energy Certificate
The energy certificate is a document that evaluates a building in terms of energy management. The basis for this is the energy consumption according to the guidelines of the Energy Saving Ordinance. You will find the energy certificate with the description of the respective residential complex.

Fire Alarm
Refer to attachment 3 of the lease for detailed procedures to follow in the event of a fire alarm.

Fire Prevention
To prevent fires in general, after moving in the tenant is obliged to inform himself about the fire protection precautions, escape/rescue plans, alarm possibilities and to make sure he behaves due to the plan in case of fire. Fire protection systems must not be damaged or be restricted in their function. The misuse of fire extinguishers is prohibited. Generally, the apartment complexes have an fire protection concept, that is updated regularly.
Furthermore, the landlord is legally obligated to install and operate smoke alarms. We want to emphasize here, that under no circumstances are the smoke alarms to be unscrewed, removed or manipulated in any other way. Communal kitchens without functioning smoke alarms will be closed by the janitor.
In case of manipulation of the fire safety systems and smoke alarms all costs will be charged to the tenants. In addition, the perpetrators will face consequences under the lease agreement. For more information, please contact the caretaker.

Flat Rate of Operating Costs
The rental prices include a flat rate for operating costs (this is for example, water, electricity, heating, waste disposal, etc.). The complete list of operating costs can be found in Annex 1 of the rental contract. As defined in the Operating Costs Ordinance expenses for all operating costs are paid as a lump sum payment. This means that tenants pay a fixed lump sum to the landlord each month to cover the operating costs. There is no longer a subsequent, annual settlement of the operating costs incurred, so there can be no refunds or additional payments.

All living spaces (with the exception of Gabelsberger Straße in Straubing) are furnished and equipped with at least a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and a chair. Moving the wardrobe and the bed is prohibited in order not to shorten the life of the furniture unnecessarily. The furniture is not weatherproof and therefore it is forbidden to put it outside. We will charge the tenant for any damages (weather-related or -unrelated) to the furniture and, if necessary, set them off against the deposited rental security (see rental bond/deposit).

GEZ (Gebühreneinzugszentrale)
GEZ is an obsolete term for "Rundfunkbeitrag" or "ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice", which is the broadcasting fee in Germany. For more information see broadcasting fee.

The parking and storage of objects of any kind in the hallways, corridors and stairwells is not permitted. Hallways, corridors and stairwells must always be kept clear as escape and rescue routes.

Handover form
The handover form is also used to record damage, missing furnishings, etc., when the apartment is handed over. Damage or deficiencies that are discovered after moving in must be reported to the landlord in writing on the handover form within fourteen days. Therefore, check your place of residence immediately after moving in with the help of the handover form.

Insurance (household and liability insurance)
The tenant's household insurance is liable for damage to the tenant's property (household effects), e.g. due to a burst water pipe. It is therefore advisable to get an household insurance if, for example, there is no insurance cover under the parents' insurance policy. Higher-value bicycles can be insured for an additional premium.
For damage to rented property, i.e. damage caused by the tenant to the rented place of residence (e.g. crack in the sink, changing the door lock, damage to the window or balcony door, etc.), for which the landlord holds the tenant liable (e.g. via the rent deposit/security), it is recommended to take out private liability insurance.

Each accommodation has internet access. The costs of the internet supply are settled via the flat rate operating costs. In the residence halls of Passau University, internet access is currently only possible via LAN cable. If you want to connect several devices or use WLAN, you can connect your own private router. At all other university locations, each residence is equipped with a modem for WLAN and LAN connections. There is no further login or registration required for LAN connections. The access data for WLAN connections are noted with a sticker on the respective modem. Instructions are stored in the Downloads section.

Kitchens/community kitchens
The kitchen community itself is primarily responsible for the cleanliness of the communal kitchens. The cleaning staff only removes "light, normal" staining. The work surfaces are only cleaned if they are freely accessible, i.e. if they are not covered with dishes. Needless to say, the kitchen community itself ensures that all garbage (including residual garbage) is disposed via the garbage cans/collection points. This is supposed happen regularly and at short intervals. Refrigerators and baking tubes are to be cleaned regularly by the tenants. In the case of neglected kitchens that are not cleaned up even after being requested to do so by the janitor, the costs of a basic cleaning is to be paid by the kitchen community.

Kitchen Spokesperson
Since the winter semester 2021/2022, there has been a kitchen spokesperson project in all residential facilities. Together with the other kitchen users, cleaning plans are drawn up. If necessary, the kitchen spokesperson draws attention to hygienic deficiencies. The kitchen spokespersons are the contact persons for cleaning staff and janitors in case of cleanliness problems in the kitchens. Kitchen spokespersons receive a credit of 50 euros on their cafeteria card for their commitment as a kitchen spokesperson.

Lease agreement
Here you find a sample of a lease agreement for a room in our residential complexes.
Here you find an English translation of the lease agreement. Please note that the English version only serves as a translation assistance. The lease agreement is exclusively concluded in the official language German.

You can arrange a move-in date with your responsible caretaker by telephone or e-mail before the start of the lease. You will find the contact details in the cover letter to the rental contract or on our homepage in the description of the respective residential complex. Normally the keys are handed out from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.. Other times during the caretaker's working hours can be arranged by prior arrangement.
The previous tenant has paid the rent until the expiry of the contract for the place of residence and can therefore use it until the last working day. It is therefore not possible to receive the key for the living place before the first working day of the start date of your contract. In some cases, it can happen that repairs (e.g. a new wall painting) can only be carried out during the first two weeks of your lease, because there is a mostly seamless handover of the living spaces. 
When you move in, please also remember to take the housing provider's certificate with you. The caretaker confirms the move-in with his signature. With the signed document you can register at the local registration office.

Please make an appointment to return your accommodation with your responsible caretaker in good time. Appointments can easily be made online via the move-out calendar. Any damage or missing inventory discovered upon return of the accommodation will be charged against the deposit/rental security.

Next tenant
If the application for cancellation of the lease is approved in an individual case, we reserve the right to request a new tenant who must meet the application criteria. There is no entitlement to early cancellation of the contract (see also termination and termination agreement). 

Other housing complexes
The Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz is numerically the largest offerer of rooms built with public funds. There are also other institutions such as churchly institutions or private responsibles who offer public housing space. You can find further information online.

Recycables (paper, glass, plastics, etc.)
see waste.

Relocation within the Housing Complexes
In cases of special justification or social hardship, the tenant can apply for a move within our housing complexes. This move can be applied for after three semesters of residence at the earliest. After the application, the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz will check (case-by-case examination) whether the application for relocation can be approved. The resulting administrative costs have to ve paid by the applicant.

If you notice a defect or damage, please inform the janitor by e-mail. You will find the respective e-mail addresses for each residential complex on our homepage and on the notice boards in the residential complexes. Your caretaker will take care of it as soon as possible.

Residence Entitlement
see certificate of enrollment.

Return of room
see move-out.

Since January 1, 2008, the Bavarian Health Protection Act has been in force, which according to Art. 2 No. 5 is also applicable to student residences. Smoking is prohibited in all common areas (staircases, hallways, common room, TV room, shared kitchens, washing and drying rooms, etc.).

see hallways.

During a study-related absence (for example, semester abroad or internship), subletting of the place of residence is possible for a maximum of one semester. The main tenant must apply for subletting in good time beforehand. Written proof (for example, proof of semester abroad or internship contract) has to be added to the application. The subtenant should also meet the application criteria. The Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz will review and approve the application. During the subletting period you remain the main tenant, which means that the rent will continue to be debited from your account. You are also liable for any damage caused by the subtenant.
If you sublet your place of residence without the permission of the Studentenwerk, we will be forced to make use of our extraordinary right of termination. In this case, if we are not able to rent the place of residence without any gaps, we will claim the lost rental income due to the extraordinary termination as damages.

TV/Television Connection
Each room has television. Depending on the housing complex, variably many programs  (satellite- or cable-TV) can be received. Private TV sets, radios, computers, tablets, smartphones etc. are basically liable to contribution; the broadcasting contribution is not included in the rent.

Tenants of the universities OTH Regensburg, HAW Landshut and TH Deggendorf can only terminate their lease as of February 28 or August 31. Tenants of the universities of Regensburg, Passau and TU München Campus Straubing can only terminate their lease as of March 31 or September 30. The notice period is two months. Notice of termination must be submitted in writing (cf. Lease Agreement § 8).

You will find a cancellation form here.

Termination agreement
A termination agreement regulates the termination of the rental agreement before the next possible termination date. In particularly justified or social hardship cases (enclose evidence), the tenant can apply for this. When the application has been handed in, the Studentenwerk will examine (on a case by case basis) whether the rental agreement can be terminated prematurely. The resulting administrative costs have to be borne by the applicant. The termination agreement does not serve to circumvent the contractual notice periods. The Studentenwerk reserves the right to request a new tenant if necessary, who must meet the application criteria.

Our residential complexes have residential tutors as well as international tutors:

Residential complex tutors
The residential complex tutors are committed to promoting positive interaction among all residents with welcome meetings, sports activities, outings, cookouts and Sunday breakfasts, Schafkopf tournaments and much more.

International tutors
The international tutors are multilingual, support foreign students as competent peers and organize intercultural events. 

Tutors receive a monthly expense allowance of 140 euros for their work during the appointment period (with the exception of the months of August and September). The tutoring program is financed by grants from the Free State of Bavaria and from the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz's own funds. The contact details of the tutors are usually posted near the entrance area in display cases or on bulletin boards.

Types of Rooms
There are different types of rooms in our residences:

  • Accommodation with own kitchenette and bathroom (single complete apartments)
  • Disabled friendly accommodation with own kitchenette and bathroom (diabled friendly single complete apartments)
  • Shared flat, the kitchen and the bathroom are shared (shared apartments)
  • Disabled friendly shared flat, the kitchen and the bathroom are shared (diabled friendly shared apartments)
  • Accommodation with bath and shared kitchen (“Teilapartment”)
  • Disabled friendly accommodation with bath and shared kitchen (diabled friendly “Teilapartment”)


The washing machines and dryers are operated by the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz. Please report any malfunctions or error messages directly to the caretaker.

There are residual waste containers on the area of every housing complex. Recycables (paper, glass, plastics, etc.) are NOT supposed to be put into the residual garbage containers because otherwise, the disposal of the containers will be denied. Please use, if applicable, the paper containers available on the area of the housing complex and the containers for recycable fractions on the area of the housing complex or near to it, and separate the waste correctly. Do not only use the disposal possibilities in your own interest and in the interest of your  housemates but also in the interest of our environment. You will also find further information on the info sheet waste disposal. In case of questions, please approach the caretaker.

Welcome Guides/Welcome-Guide-Progamme
Welcome guides are students who are also tenants of the housing complex and provide international tenants with advice and support after their arrival in Germany or at their place of study and during the first phase of their studies. The welcome guides help newly arriving international students with getting from the train station to the residence hall, with meals during quarantine periods, or with overcoming language barriers. They can provide tips and information about available service and counselling facilities and food options at the universities. International students can indicate their interest in the Welcome Guide Program in the online application.