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Bank Connection
Please state in case of transfers your personal identification number under reference.
You will find it on the first page of the tenancy agreement.

Bank:              Sparkasse Regensburg
IBAN:              DE35 7505 0000 0710 0109 50

Larger housing complexes partly include a central barbecue place. Barbecuing as well as the use of party torches on balconies is interdicted without exception.

Bedcovers, pillows and bed linen
Bedcovers and pillows are not available in the rooms. You have to bring them along yourself. You also have to bring along the bed linen for the bedcover and for the pillow as well as the bedsheet for the mattress.

All housing complexes include parking spaces (basements with bike racks, -cages or covered areas) for bicycles. Parking bicycles in the staircase, corridors or on balconies is interdicted. For more valuable bicycles we recommend the conclusion of an insurance.

Broadcasting contribution
Here you find actual information concerning the broadcasting contribution of the Beitragsservice (contribution service) (external link).

see car space

Car space
In some housing complexes, car spaces can be rented partly outside, partly in deep-level garages. In the description of our housing complexes you will find further information thereto.

Each housing complex has a designated caretaker. You will find the contact data in the description of the respective housing area.

Certificate of enrollment
Please bring your certificate of enrollment before us, stating the housing complex, room number and personal identification number (see page 1 of the tenany agreement), for the winter semester until 15th November at the latest, and for the summer semester until 15th May at the latest.

This means the handover certificate after the handover of the room on which, among others, damages, missing fitments etc. are included. Please check your room after moving in for possible damages, aided by the checklist handed to you by the caretaker. Please inform the caretaker of damages that were not included within 14 days after your moving in. Please keep the checklist for the return of the room until termination of the tenancy.

Corridors and staircases are escape and rescue paths and have therefore to be kept clear from inventory and the like at all times in the sense of all tenants.

Deposit/rental bond
Before moving in, an interest-free (see § 511 no. 3 sentence 5 BGB (German Civil Code)) rental bond (colloquially deposit) has to be paid. Please note that you have to prove the payment of the rental bond upon the handing over of the room in order to receive your room keys from the caretaker. After termination of the tenancy you will get back the rental bond within the legal time limits as far as no damages and the like were determined during the return of the room.

Dissolution Contract
A dissolution contract regulates the termination of the tenancy before the earliest possible termination date. The tenant may apply for that in case of especially justified cases or in case of social hardship cases. After the application, the student union checks (case-by-case review) whether the tenancy may be terminated ahead of time. The administration costs accruing through this will be charged to the applicant. The dissolution contract does not serve for the avoidance of the contractual terms of notice. If applicable, the student union reserves the right to require a new tenant who has to comply with the admission criteria.

Energy Performance Certificate
The energy performance certificate is a document evaluating a building energetically. The basis therefore is the energy consumption according to the guidelines of the Energy Saving Ordinance. You will find the energy performance certificate at the description of the respective housing complex.

Fire Alarm
In enclosure 3 of the tenancy agreement you find detailed modes of behaviour in case of fire alarm.

Fire Safety
The tenant is obliged to inform himself after his moving in on the fire controls, escape and rescue plans and alerting possibilities and to act in such a way that fires are prevented. Fire protection systems may not be damaged or limited in their function. The improper use of fire extinguishers is interdicted. As a rule, the housing complexes have an actual fire protection concept.

All rooms are furnished (at least bed, wardrobe, desk, chair). In order to avoid shortening the working life of the furniture, it is interdicted to reposition wardrobe and bed. The furniture is not weather-resistant and thus it is interdicted to put them out-of-doors. We will charge damages caused by the weather and also other damages of the furniture to the tenant (see rental bond/deposit).

Garbage (residual waste)
There are residual waste containers on the area of every housing complex. Recycable fractions (paper, glass, plastics etc.) are NOT supposed to be put into the residual garbage containers because otherwise, the disposal of the containers will be denied. Please use, if applicable, the paper containers available on the area of the housing complex and the containers for recycable fractions on the area of the housing complex or near to it, and separate the waste correctly. Do not only use the disposal possibilities in your own interest and in the interest of your  housemates but also in the interest of our environment. You will also find further information on the info sheet waste disposal. In case of questions, please approach the caretaker.

GEZ (German abbreviation: fee collection center of public-law broadcasting institutions in Germany)
The term GEZ is the outdated designation for "broadcasting fee". You will find further information under broadcasting fee.

Giving notice to quit
Tenants of the universities OTH Regensburg, HAW Landshut and TH Deggendorf may only give notice to quit for 1st March or 1st September resp. tenants of the universities Regensburg or Passau may only give notice to quit for 1st April or 1st October in writing with a time limit of 2 months  (see tenancy agreement).
Here you find a printed form for giving notice to quit.

Insurance (household contents insurance and general liability insurance)
The tenant's household contents insurance is liable for damages occurring to the property (contents) of the tenant, e. g. by a burst water main. It is therefore recommendable to conclude a household contents insurance as far e.g. there exists no insurance coverage via the insurance contract of the parents. More valuable bicycles may be included in the insurance against payment of an extra premium.
For damages to rented property, i.e. damages caused by the tenant to the rented room (e. e. crack in the sink, replacement of the door lock, damage to the window or the balcony door etc.), for which the lessor makes the tenant liable (e. g. via the rental bond/deposit), the conclusion of a private general liability insurance is recommendable.

Each room has internet available. The costs for the provision of internet will be billed via the operating costs.
Excluded from this ist the apartment at the college place Straubing.

Kitchens/common kitchens
For the cleanliness of the common kitchens, the kitchen collective itself is responsible preferentially and in the first instance. The cleaning staff only cleans up „light, normal“ stainings; the worktops are only cleaned as far as they are freely accessible, i. e. not blocked with tableware. It is understood that the kitchen collective takes care for the fact that the residual waste is regularly disposed of in short intervals by means of the residual trash barrel. The inhabitants have to clean fridges and ovens regularly. In case of neglected kitchens that are not cleared up even after a demand of the caretaker, solely the kitchen collective will bear  the costs of a basic cleaning.

The washing machines and the laundry dryers are operated by the student union. Please address malfunction information directly to the carretaker.

Moving in
By presentation of the voucher for payment of the rental bond (colloquially deposit) you will receive the keys for your room as well as a copy of the checklist by the competent caretaker. The previous tenant has paid the rent until his expiration of contract for the room and  may thus use the room until the last workday. Therefore, it is not possible that you receive the room key before the first workday of your inception of treaty. Due to the mostly smooth handovers of the rooms it may besides happen that repairs (e.g. a new wall coat etc.) can only be carried out within the first two weeks of your tenancy agreement. A handing over of the room keys is basically not possible at weekends and holidays. We therefore we ask for your understanding.

Moving out
Please agree in time an appointment with the caretaker for the return of your room. You will receive an info leaflet from the caretaker to inform you about things to observe upon the return. Damages determined during the inspection or missing furniture and equipment etc. will be offset with the rental bond.

Next tenant
If the application for dissolution of the tenancy agreement is approved in individual cases, we reserve the right to demand a next tenant who has to comply with the application criteria. A right to an early dissolution of contract does not exist (see also giving notice to quit and dissolution contract).

Operating Costs
The rental prices include advance payments for the operating costs (see enclosure 1 of the tenacy agreement, e.g. electricity, water, heating, waste disposal etc.). The actually accrued operating costs will be invoiced annually (The calendar year January 1st until December 31st is the accounting period). As far as your tenancy ends before the 31st December of the year, we will calculate the operating costs only proportionally. Please observe that the billing will always only be prepared after the 31st December of a year.

Other housing complexes
The student union Lower Bavaria/Upper Palatinate is numerically the largest offerer of rooms built with public funds. There are also other responsible bodies such as for example churchly institutions or private responsibles who offer public housing space. Inform yourself in the internet.

Recycable fractions (paper, glass, plastics, etc.)
see garbage

Registration certificate/lessor- or landlord certificate
Upon moving in, the caretaker will hand over the undersigned lessor certificate to you so that you can submit that at the registry office. Please note that you are obliged according to  § 17 Bundesmeldegesetz (federal registration law) to register yourself at the registry office within two weeks after moving in.
Foreign tenants will receive that form for the deregistration as well as far as there existed  a valid tenancy agreement for the term of at least three months.
You will get further information at the registry offices at the respective college place.

If you determine a defect or a damage, please inform the caretaker by email. You will find the respective email-addresses at the respective housing complex on our homepage and by bulletin in the housing complexes, too. Your caretaker will take care of it as soon as possible.

Residing authorization
see certificate of enrollment

Return of room
see moving out

Since 1st January 2008, the Gesetz zum Schutz der Gesundheit (GSG (=German abbreviation for: law for the protection of health)) applies in Bavaria which also applies in accordance with  Art. 2 numeral 5 for students' housing complexes.
Smoking is interdicted in all community areas (staircases, corridors, community room, TV-room, jointly used kitchens, laundering and drying rooms etc.).

see corridors

Please note that a sublease is only possible for the maximum of one semester and only during a stay abroad due to studies resp. practical training (written proof required!).
The main tenant has to indicate the sublease to the student union previously in time and has to gain the approval. Insofar, we expressly advise you of your written duty of notification, regulated in the tenancy agreement.

A right to sublease does not exist.

If you still sublease your room without approval of the student union, we are forced to make use of our extraordinary right of termination and, in case the room cannot be rented again without interruption, to charge you as damages with the income from rent that we missed out due to the extraordinary termination.

Each room has television. Depending on the housing complex, variably many programs  (satellite- or cable-TV) can be received. Private TV sets, radios, computers, tablets, smartphones etc. are basically liable to contribution; the broadcasting contribution is not included in the rent.

Tenancy agreement
Here you find a model tenancy agreement for a room in our housing complexes.
Here you find an English translation of the tenancy agreement.
Please note that the English version only serves as a translation assistance. The tenancy agreement is exclusively concluded in the official language German.

Transfer of room
see moving in

The tutors get involved with a positive cooperation of all inhabitants. For this purpose, they develop a variety of cultural, sporting and general-education leisure time facilities:
- welcome meetings
- sporting activities
- excursions
- cooking evenings and sunday breakfast
- sheepshead tournaments etc.
They have a special focus on newly moved in students and on international students. The contact data of the tutors are as a rule posted near the entrance area in showcases or at notice-boards.