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Partnership with France

Since 1979, Studentenwerk has been enjoying a partnership with Crous Clermont Auvergne which is based on the town twinning established in 1969 between the cities Clermont-Ferrand and Regensburg.

Within the framework of this partnership, students get to realize projects characterized by their encounters and exchanges of experience while the employees of Studentenwerk get to learn more about their foreign colleagues, their areas of responsibility and their working conditions in an institution comparable to Studentenwerk, with a view to discussing both the differences and the similarities of their work in the various departments.

crous dom-regensburg

Exchange programs for students and employees take place every two years, based on a partnership agreement: During the first stage, students from Regensburg travel to Clermont-Ferrand while Studentenwerk welcomes French Crous employees in Regensburg. The following year, an employee meeting takes place in France and students from Clermont-Ferrand get to know Regensburg and Regensburg students.