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Choose a rehearsal room where you want to rehearse and reserve your rehearsal time online. Simply click on a time slot.

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You can book a maximum of 2 x 2h rehearsal time per week per semester. One rehearsal unit is 2h. For equal opportunities for all students, the 2nd booking is only possible after a blocking period of 5 days after the start of the room allocation (16.10.2023).

The times you have reserved are stored in the system for 7 days.  Within these times you have to pick up the key/transponder in our info point/service office and pay the fee. After that, the practice room is at your disposal until the end of the semester! The keys/transponders must be returned by the end of the semester at the latest, otherwise a reservation in the following semester is not possible!

Important: After 7 days the online reservation expires automatically and is shown in the system as free time! So make sure to pay in time at the Info Point/Servicebüro Mensacard. 

Payment of the fee and key collection at Servicebüro Mensacard Regensburg:

Openening hours Servicebüro Mensacard at the Mensa Uni Regensburg:
Side entrance, Room U056
Mon. - Thu. 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. 
Albertus Magnus Straße 2
0941 943 3222
please make an appointment in advance by telephone

2 Stunden pro Woche: 25,00 € *
4 Stunden pro Woche: 35,00 € *

*The fee is waived for users of the rooms in the Dr. Gessler Straße residential complex who are also residents of the same residential complex. Please bring proof.

Registrations for rooms are not yet possible at this location