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In hardly any other phase of life than while studying, it is easier to get in touch with people speaking another language and stemming from another culture. Be it while studying abroad in person or be it when meeting international students in Germany. In order to make this experience possible, the International Offices of the universities and the Studentenwerk Niederbayern/Oberpfalz promote the contact between German and international students. In particular, the living concept that is organized together with the International Offices in the student residential complexes in Regensburg, Passau, Landshut and Deggendorf achieves a diverse togetherness: The International Offices and the Studentenwerk provide housing options that are particularly tailor-made for this group of students and a varied range of free time programmes and activities:

Tutor programs of the STWNO – students are committed for students

Reduced rents for program students

Also international students that live in one of the residential complexes only for a short time benefit from the living concept of the Studentenwerk and the International Offices: due to the placement organized by the International Offices, international students receive a contract of tenancy with the Studentenwerk. This contract can be terminated by the tenants in Regensburg and Passau with stays lasting less than a semester e.g. as early as after five months. Also students that participate in e.g. summer schools of the universities or that do a language course can likewise apply for a place in a residential complex.

Arrival and handing over of the room for international students

The arrival from abroad is mostly bound to fixed schedule, which makes handing over rooms difficult. Depending on when e.g. there are flights available, individual arrivals can be outside of the janitor’s work hours. The International Offices and the Studentenwerk offer a solution also in this case! The International Offices make an individual handing over of rooms possible in cooperation with the Studentenwerk, which collectively hands over the room keys for this.

International living concept – living together, understanding each other better

“L’Auberge Espagnole”? That also exists in Regensburg, Passau, Landshut and Deggendorf! In shared-living flats, rooms are distributed by intent to mix German and international students. Like that, foreign students have the opportunity to get in touch with the German language and culture every day. Thereby, the focus is on learning from each other and understanding each other because only someone making experiences with other cultures can understand them better. Quickly, erstwhile strangers turn into friends. Like that, living is much more fun!

Contact to the International Offices

More information for applications made by Erasmus students, programme students and exchange students can be found on the internet pages of the International Offices.