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Private third party insurance for international students

A private third party insurance is not required by the law for international students. The third party insurance is an optional insurance but a conclusion of this insurance is recommended: This insurance pays if you afflict damage to others unintentionally, thus, if you damage accidentally the property or the health of foreign persons.

Example 1: Traffic accident due to negligence

Student Martin is in a hurry and crosses red traffic lights. Thereupon, a car has to break hard, causing a collision with a bus. The driver of the car as well as the driver of the bus and some passengers get hurt. From the accident, there result damage claims for the damaged vehicles as well as for the personal injuries and, resulting from that, claims for pain and suffering money of a total of 750,000 Euro.

  • Traffic accident without a private third party insurance
    It looks bad for student Martin without a private third party insurance. Because in Germany, everybody is liable in full for the damage caused by him/her. In this case, student Martin would have to pay off debts for the rest of his life because of a little negligence.
  • Traffic accident with a private third party insurance
    If student Martin has concluded a private third party insurance, he has nothing to fear. He can protect himself from financial ruin by such accidents with a small monthly premium of, on average, 4 to 7 Euro.

Example 2: Damage due to a favour during a move

Martin is a student and helps from time to time friends when moving. During a such a relief action he drops accidentally the computer of a friend that subsequently does not work anymore. The PC was still quite new, there arises a damage in the amount of approximately 1,500 Euro.

With a private third party insurance, Martin has nothing to fear. But only, however, if it also includes damages due to a favour (damages arising out of favours you do to third parties). Especially students should check that before concluding a contract. Because according to BGB § 823 (German Civil Code), in Germany everybody is liable for damages that he/she does to others, however, not within the scope of a favour. That is why many third party insurances do not take over liability for that kind of damages because third parties cannot assert claims.

Where can you conclude a private third party insurance?

  • In your home country: If students have already a private third party insurance in their home country, they can check at their insurance provider if the insurance is also valid in Germany.
    If there is no insurance at hand yet, students may check insurance providers whether they can insure themselves for Germany.
  • Online resp. on site in Germany: Students can find insurance providers online, e.g. Union Versicherungsdienst Gmbh (insurance service LLC) Tarif VELA Comfort. This insurance service is not a recommendation of the Stwno (student services Lower Bavaria/Upper Palatinate).