Why Mehrweg-to-go?

Even if the disposable packaging introduced in March 2020 for serving food from the canteen was selected according to sustainability aspects - for example, the packaging is not made of plastic, but of compostable materials such as sugar cane (bagasse), paper or wood - that doesn't change the fact that with every order there is rubbish that is difficult or impossible to separate according to type!

As a consequence of this and after several constructive discussions with student representatives and employees of the universities we support, we have decided to dispense with the issue of disposable packaging and to introduce the reusable-to-go system from Relevo.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Only those who download the Relevo app before going to the canteen or cafeteria and register with it can participate in the reusable system! Here you can download the App in Goolge Play and in the App Store.
If you do not want to participate in the reusable system, you have the option of picking up your food in your own reusable dishes. But remember that from December 1st there shall be no more possibility to take the food in disposable packaging! Please prepare yourself for this innovation and choose one of the alternatives offered!

Do you still have questions? Do not worry! We would like to accompany the introduction of the reusable system as much as possible and offer you the opportunity to send us your questions / suggestions / criticism by email. Please only use the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for this. We try to send you a reply as soon as possible!